Friends and Family of Ranger Cross Country

In these times of restricted budgets it is amazing how many friends and family members find within themselves the desire to help our program maintain and rise to new levels of success by donating their time, their resources, and financially as well.  By clicking on the Donate button above you can help us without worrying about on-line security as PayPal is the World's Standard for internet safety transactions.  

Many of you assist us with donations of TIME, orange, apples, Eegees, pizza, etc.  Some help with the Candy Sales.  Many with Arizona Tax Credits.  Anyone with other ideas please
email us with your suggestions.    

Listed below are some of our major fund raising efforts.

Like Candy
We Have What You Need!

Find A Runner
Help the Team
Satisfy your Sweet Tooth!

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All profits go to the
Cross Country Program.

Cross Country
Arizona Tax Credits

We really do know that money
doesn't grow on trees!

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